Reducing single-use plastic in our oceans

Crystal clear water in every ocean, river and lake. That's what we want. To do that, we need to clean our waters from single-use plastic. Every minute, a truckload of plastic enters our oceans. At the same time, 1 million single-use plastic bottles are purchased. With our reusable products, we want to reduce single-use plastic and thus contribute to crystal-clear oceans, rivers and lakes.

Crystal clear ocean
Laughing woman with funny clothes


Enjoying the good

We believe that our mission, to reduce plastic pollution in our oceans, can only be achieved if as many people as possible contribute to this goal. However, you can only reach a large number of people if sustainability is enjoyable and does not mean a loss in quality of life.

Quality, sustainability, design ... and a pinch of fun

How do we want to do that? In our products, we strive for a perfect balance between sustainability, quality and design - and also want to set new standards in these areas. We believe that customers don't have to sacrifice quality and design for the sake of sustainability.

Another important ingredient is fun. Yes, the environmental challenges are big. But instead of using fear mongering, we want to create awareness by using a positive approach. Art, music, dance, not taking ourselves too seriously. Anything that puts a smile on your face and ours is allowed to inspire people to join our mission to clean the oceans of plastic.


Great bottles - for you and your team

We manufacture premium bottles that are high-quality, sustainable, have unique in design and are customizable like never before.

Customize like never before

Recent innovations in bottle decoration have opened up completely new possibilities. Much of what was previously impossible is now feasible. Designers are finally free to design whatever they want on our bottles. As bottle decoration experts, we not only have the most extensive range of customization options, but we also work with the latest technologies. Therefore, we can offer our customers unparalleled design options including unlimited coloring, personalization with names, 360° printing and laser engraving, as well as low minimum order quantities. Our promise: Customize like never before.

One bottle with "BELAMY Design" text on it. One bottle with "Your Design" text on it.
Blue and yellow macaw parrot


My name is Belamy

Place of birth: Berlin
Date of birth: 2021
Favorite colors: Blue, cyan, yellow
Favorite animal: Blue macaw
Hobbies: Sustainabiliy, design, music and of course bottles.

The name Belamy comes from the Old French. It means "beautiful friend". Basically, our products should be a good and loyal friend for you, your health and of course for the environment. But also beautiful like a piece of art, so that you enjoy looking at them for a long time.

The blue macaw inspired us. This bird is beautiful, colorful, smart, funny and also a loyal and long-term friend. So basically everything we expect from a good bottle.