Customize your bottle like never before

Unlimited coloring, color gradients, personalization with name, 360° designs, no glass seam, from 25 pieces and much more.

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BELAMY bottle with "your design" text on the bottle

Anspruchsvolle Kunden vertrauen BELAMY

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What makes us unique

Icon color palette with brush representing customization


Customize your bottle like never before.

Icon truck representing fast delivery


Lowest minimum order quantity, fastest delivery, special requests possible.

Icon BELAMY bottle with laurel wreath

Premium Bottle

Sets new standards in quality, sustainability and design.

Customize like never before

Icon BELAMY bottle with many different colors

Unlimited number of colors per bottle

Icon BELAMY bottle with color gradient

Color gradients

Icon personalized BELAMY bottles with name

Personalization in color

Add a different name on each bottle

Icon BELAMY bottle without glass seam

No glass seam

and thus a more beautiful print

Icon cap and product packaging customizable

Cap & packing customizable

Icon BELAMY bottle with 360 degree wrap around print

360° Designs

as digital print, screen print, laser engraving

Unique service

Icon minimum order quantity 25 pieces

Minimum order quantity
only 25 pieces

Icon delivery time under 4 weeks

Fast delivery
(4 weeks)

And much more including:

  • 3D visualization (free of charge)
  • Sampling
  • No over or underproduction
  • Consideration of special requests

Our unique premium bottle

BELAMY bottle with laurel wreath

Higher quality.Stronger, clearer, more scratch and temperature resistant than normal glass. Reinforced bottom for better impact protection. Suitable for dishwashers, carbonation and cold and hot drinks - even in winter without the glass shattering.

More sustainable.Less plastic, resources, CO2 and no pollutants. Our glass bottles replace single-use plastic bottles and thus are good for our oceans. We protect resources by using recycled / recyclable glass, bamboo caps and climate neutral packaging made from grass paper.

Unique design by BELAMY.Unique bottle shape and artworks with classy engravings on the inside of the cap and on the bottom of the bottle. Designed in Berlin with love for details.

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Customer example DiscoEat. Customized bottles including logo engraving on the cap.

Customer Story: DiscoEat

DiscoEat, a Berlin startup, requested customized bottles as gifts for their employees. A project that only BELAMY could implement in this way:

  • Small quantity. Only 25 bottles
  • Multicolor. Countless colors per bottle
  • Color gradients in the design
  • Personalization. Each bottle with a different employee name
  • Logo engraved on the cap
  • Use of multiple technologies. Digital printing (bottle), laser engraving (cap)
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What our customers say

More than a bottle

Icon with megaphone

Brand ambassador

High brand visibility as the bottle is used at work, outside of work, daily, for years and even after leaving the company.

Icon of a hand crushing a plastic bottle


An easy way to join our mission to reduce single-use plastic.

Icon with heartbeat


Employees drink more and stay healthier.

More than a bottle

Perfect for any occasion

Icon gift box


A premium gift for employees, customers and partners.

Icon with desk and office chair


Replaces carafes that are less robust and easily tip over.

Icon of an event with many people


Impress your guests with customized premium bottles.

Perfect for any occasion

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Icon minimum order quantity 25 pieces


Icon delivery time under 4 weeks